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Tripwire is an internationally recognized leading provider of products, services and training for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and military units. Tripwire currently maintains facilities in Pennsylvania and Florida. We conduct mobile training courses for military units and first responders of all levels. Our staff is comprised of former military EOD and civilian bomb technicians that are highly experienced in the handling of energetic materials, skilled K9 handlers, firearms instructors, and tactical operators. We prepare military and first responder personnel to protect their country and communities through products, training, services and relationships that together are available nowhere else. Tripwire maintains offices in several locations within the United States as well as the Middle East. Our unique collection of disciplines allows Tripwire to provide world-renowned training, products and services to clients who demand the highest quality results and excellence in standards. Tripwire provides clients with an extensive selection of products (energetic materials, ammunition, firearms, inert aids); services (explosive sales, specialized transportation, K9 training, pyrotechnics & SFX); and training (HME, explosive entry, IEDs and more). Tripwire has served tens of thousands of clients throughout the United States and abroad.

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