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K9 Training Kits

Detonating Cord


3-Day K9 Combo Course

This 3-day combo course for K9 teams offers an entire explosive detection training curriculum that includes our 3 most popular K9 classes - HME Awareness and Imprinting, Large Hides, and Post-Blast Searches.

Firearms & NRA Courses

We offer a variety of firearms training and NRA courses to cater to every experience level. Whether you've never fired a weapon before and need basic familiarization, or have decades of experience and looking to maintain/refine your skills.

BRAVO-3 Conference

We are proud to host the 2023 BRAVO-3 Training Conference and Vendor Show, alongside our friends at Irondog K9 International, in Daytona Beach on March 20-23. Two days of classroom training and one day of practical/scenario events.

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