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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) loitering munitions

We are leveraging our extensive experience with energetic materials and rapidly expanding into the UAS workspace with a focus on kinetic solutions in the form of custom, special application loitering munitions. By analyzing current conflicts and previewing risk scenarios of the future, our emphasis lies in uniting commercial innovations with precise defense solutions. Our objective is to adopt a proactive and forward-looking approach. We’re not merely advancing within a single domain but generating value that offers tangible advantages for all involved.

Loitering munition systems are initiated from concealed and secure positions, boasting an exceptionally low profile. They navigate to the designated target area, hovering above it to identify and validate potential targets. These systems execute precise strikes opportunistically, even if the target emerges fleetingly. In case of sudden operational shifts, the operator retains the ability to intervene – halting the mission mid-flight, returning to a loitering stance, redirecting toward an alternate target, awaiting improved conditions for engagement, or terminating the mission altogether.

The operation of loitering munitions is overseen by an operator who receives a real-time visual feed of the target and its surroundings. This vantage point empowers the operator to dictate the optimal timing, trajectory, and angle for engaging both stationary and mobile targets. Such capabilities significantly enhance the formal process of target identification and confirmation.

Loitering munition systems furnish compact tactical units with autonomous fire support, delivering pinpoint accuracy on a “one-shot, one-target” basis. This obviates the need to requisition assistance from higher command assets or external units, granting these units a heightened level of self-reliance.

The MDAM is an advanced UAS lethal payload designed to deliver precise and powerful strikes with a configurable and adaptable warhead. This modular design allows for rapid customization and integration of various warheads, making it a versatile tool for a variety of missions. The MDAM offers increased operational flexibility and effectiveness in modern conflicts, ensuring that users can respond swiftly and decisively to evolving threats. Tripwire’s MDAM was designed by former US Army and Air Force explosive ordnance disposal team leaders, law enforcement bomb squad commanders, US Army infantry soldiers, and PhD level engineering personnel, collectively possessing over 50 years of combined experience in robotics, electronics, energetics, and military ordnance. Our MDAM can be adapted for a variety of platforms and can be affixed within minutes. The MDAM can operate independently of UAS controls, providing maximum cross-platform flexibility, or it can be integrated into on-board UAS electronics, as needed.

The internal warhead boasts an ingenious configuration that harnesses a blend of kinetic principles, serving to optimize its impact whether deployed as an anti-personnel, anti-materiel, or anti-armor payload. Swiftly interchangeable by the operator, this internal warhead design facilitates the adaptation of various payloads to suit distinct mission objectives. The entirety of the MDAM system is engineered with scalability in mind, accommodating a broad spectrum of net explosive weights ranging from 1 to 40 pounds. By way of comparison, a M67 Fragmentation Grenade comprises 0.4 pounds of explosives, while a M107 155mm High Explosive Projectile contains a mere 15.1 pounds of explosives.

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