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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) loitering munitions

At our core, we draw upon our extensive expertise in handling energetic materials, and we’re swiftly expanding our presence in the realm of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with a specific focus on kinetic solutions in the form of specialized loitering munitions. By analyzing current conflicts and forecasting potential future risks, our central mission revolves around bridging commercial innovations with precise defense solutions. We are dedicated to a proactive, forward-thinking approach that transcends boundaries, delivering tangible advantages to all stakeholders.

Our loitering munition systems are launched from concealed, secure positions, maintaining an exceptionally low profile. They navigate to designated target areas, hovering above to identify and validate potential targets. These systems execute precise strikes opportunistically, even in the face of fleeting targets. In situations demanding sudden operational shifts, operators retain full control—allowing mission suspension mid-flight, return to loitering mode, redirection to alternate targets, awaiting improved engagement conditions, or mission termination.

These loitering munition systems are operated by professionals who receive real-time visual feeds of targets and their surroundings. This vantage point empowers operators to dictate optimal timing, trajectory, and angle for engaging both stationary and mobile targets, significantly enhancing the formal process of target identification and confirmation.


Loitering munition systems provide compact tactical units with autonomous fire support, offering pinpoint accuracy on a “one-shot, one-target” basis. This eliminates the need for higher command assets or external support, enhancing self-reliance within these units. The Micro Dropped Attack Munition (MDAM) represents an advanced UAS lethal payload designed for precise and potent strikes, featuring a configurable and adaptable warhead. Its modular design allows for rapid customization and integration of various warheads, making it a versatile tool for diverse missions. The MDAM ensures increased operational flexibility and effectiveness in contemporary conflicts, enabling users to respond swiftly and decisively to evolving threats.

Tripwire’s MDAM is the brainchild of former US Army and Air Force explosive ordnance disposal team leaders, law enforcement bomb squad commanders, US Army infantry soldiers, and PhD-level engineering experts, boasting over 50 years of combined experience in robotics, electronics, energetics, and military ordnance. Our MDAM can be seamlessly adapted to various platforms within minutes, operating independently of UAS controls for maximum cross-platform flexibility or integrated into on-board UAS electronics as needed.

The internal warhead incorporates a clever configuration that harnesses a blend of kinetic principles, optimizing impact whether deployed as an anti-personnel, anti-materiel, or anti-armor payload. Swiftly interchangeable by operators, this internal warhead design enables adaptation to distinct mission objectives. The entire MDAM system is engineered with scalability in mind, accommodating a wide spectrum of net explosive weights ranging from 1 to 40 pounds. By comparison, a standard M67 Fragmentation Grenade contains 0.4 pounds of explosives, while an M107 155mm High Explosive Projectile holds a mere 15.1 pounds of explosives.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and precision in defense technology. Our loitering munition systems and the Micro Dropped Attack Munition (MDAM) represent the forefront of military capabilities, designed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. With a team of seasoned experts and a dedication to adaptability and scalability, we empower our clients to respond swiftly and decisively to evolving threats. Together, we forge a future where precision and self-reliance define military excellence.

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