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Introduction to Narcotics for Patrol Officers


This Introduction to Narcotics Course is designed to teach students to effective and efficiently work drug cases. This is not limited to just investigative techniques, but an overall aspect of the drug trade. Officers need to know about drug trends and user’s motivations for continued use. We will examine the citizen’s viewpoint versus the viewpoint of the police, to understand the differences and similarities to better work together with communities. Several popular drugs will be examined, and students will learn the effects to users, varying appearances of the drugs, and paraphernalia and packaging. Attendees will learn how to conduct narcotics related arrests, particularly of street-level dealers and higher supply chain personnel. Lastly, we will discuss popular case law involving narcotics.

Upcoming Dates
  • 1685 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA 17325
  • April 6, 2022
  • June 1, 2022
  • July 27, 2022
  • October 5, 2022
  • December 14, 2022
  • 1701 N. 20th St, Tampa, FL 33605​
  • April 20, 2022
  • June 15, 2022
  • December 7, 2022
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