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SHOCK TUBE Shock tube is a small diameter, three-layer plastic tube coated on the innermost wall with a reactive explosive compound. When initiated, shock tube propagates a low energy signal, similar to a dust explosion, at approximately 6,500 fps along the tube’s length with minimal disturbance to the outside of the tube. View Product

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CAST BOOSTERS Cast boosters are detonator or detonating cord sensitive, high-density/high-energy molecular explosives that are available in a variety of sizes that are designed to optimize initiation of booster-sensitive explosives. Manufactured with an internal through-tunnel and detonator well for application with either electric, fuse or shock tube detonators. Formulated from primarily PETN, TNT and other

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Detonating cord Detonating cord is a universal high explosive used for a wide variety of applications to create explosive effects and build reliable charges. It is initiated with military or commercial detonators and detonates along its entire length at 6,400 m/s. View Product

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