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The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have recently initiated the Third-Party Canine (3PK9) Cargo Screening Security Program. This program has established a regulatory framework that allows third-party explosive detection canines to screen cargo to TSA standards. Current digital and computer-based detection systems are incapable of evolving at the rate of modern terroristic trends, which is why explosive detection canine teams have grown to be a preferred method for detecting and thwarting explosive-related attacks.This program is an evolution in airline security and provides a method for cargo to be screened in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Moreover, DHS and TSA have directed that starting in June 2021, 100-percent of all aircraft, passenger and cargo, traveling inside the United States be screened for explosive threats. To accomplish this, TSA has mandated that every 3PK9 certified detection team undergo explosives scent detection training on a semi-monthly basis to ensure continued response capabilities. Tripwire has established a nationwide solution to this requirement.

Since 2005, Tripwire has provided explosive detection canine teams throughout the United States and abroad with high-quality detection training kits. In support of this new TSA program, Tripwire now provides specifically designed explosive detection training kits that meet TSA explosive detection K9 scent criteria, to be utilized in satisfying the training requirement. The Tripwire “Canine Cargo Screening Kit” is comprised of a hard-storage water-tight case that contains all explosive materials (scents) required per TSA directives – and is available for use at various sites across the United States.

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